​Replacing missing teeth in teens is important. Here’s why

This creates cavities.

Although your dentist can help you save a tooth or more in every way possible, sometimes, an extraction is the only option left to ensure the health of the remaining teeth.

However, extractions can leave gaps in teeth, which in turn has a number of effects on a person, especially a teenager. Leaving gaps in your teenager’s smile can do more harm to them than just altering their appearance. Therefore, it becomes imperative to replace the missing tooth. Here are some advantages of tooth replacement for your teenager.

Encourages good eating habits

Teeth gaps can have an affect on your teen’s bite. The mouth contains different types of teeth, which work together to adequately chew food and aid digestion. Having many gaps in teeth however, can discourage teenagers from eating some types of food. Getting teens to follow a healthy diet is already hard. Gaps in teeth that will make it harder for them to chew fresh vegetables and fruit can take a toll on their health. It is therefore vital to replace missing teeth in teen to allow them to benefit from a holistic diet.

Ideal for a still growing teen

One prime reason of not leaving a gap in teeth after an extraction in teenagers is that they are still growing. When you extract a tooth from a patient who is still under a growth spurt, it causes other teeth in the same row to shift and fill the gap. It results in a bad bite that can hinder future dental work greatly. It, therefore, becomes essential to replace missing teeth at the earliest so that your teen does not have any problems in chewing.

Missing teeth can cause depression

Many teens today suffer from low self-esteem and depression. Due to this, you may want to consider all elements that can help boost your child’s confidence. Having a few teeth missing can turn your teen unnecessarily self-conscious and an unfortunate target for bullying. In this stage of their life, their appearance can hold extreme importance to teenagers, so it should also be important to you.

Option for replacing teeth

There are many options available for replacing your teens missing teeth. Implant supported bridges and single implants can restore the healthy smile of your teenager, making them more confident and prepared. If you are looking for top dental expertise on replacing missing teeth, just visit www.implantdentalmelbourne.com.au. Our expert professionals will be happy to assist you will all types of dental problems.